PDF program with 12 EMOM workouts and 8 circuit workouts. Circuits require some gym equipment.

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Pay once, access forever! While it’s only a 8 week program, you can start, restart etc.. however many times you want!

Every Minute On the Minute. You have ONE minute to complete the set and however long you have left in the minute is your REST time. Once the rest time is up, you will go directly into the next set!

Why I created the program:
How many of us get gung-ho on a new goal, only to find ourselves 2-weeks later super busy and discouraged with little to no results? We have ALL been there.

Over the past 3-months I have completely transformed the way I work out and I am now in the best shape of my life without counting calories, doing endless amounts of cardio, and doing the same old bodybuilding style workouts.

I now train with intensity and my workout time has been cut in half. How have I done this? By doing EMOM at-home workouts regularly. That is why I created this for you!!! It has changed my life SO much that I just NEED to share!!! Hope you guys like it.


  • ALL LEVELS – beginner, intermediate & advanced.
  • Includes 12 EMOM workouts as well as 8 circuit training workouts. The EMOMs can be done at home if you have dumbbells and/or a kettlebell. The circuits often require some gym equipment.
    • a set of dumbbells (the weight is up to you – you can try anywhere from 5-25lbs and increase from there as time goes on if you need to!)
    • one kettlebell (again – weight is relative)
    • for the circuit training: basic gym equipment